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Ember Mountain They/Them

Ember grew up in rural MIssouri and has been in Columbia since 2011. They are a former theatre/choir kid turned nurse, but still take every chance to perform when there is karaoke to be had! I’m addition to that, Ember enjoys writing, hiking, reading, cooking, rockhounding, and really doing just about anything with their two teens, their partners, and/or their friends. Ember’s loved ones often describe them as chaotic, loud, excitable, whimsical, and playful (yes… this also describes most labradors…) Loved ones also say that “they don’t know a stranger”, which definitely shows in their interactions. They have a passion for making meaningful connections wherever they go. Ember found The Center Project in 2021 as they began to further explore theirself and found a warm, open community that made it easy to “just be”. They joined the board officially in June of 2022 and assist with Gender Blender as a co-coordinator. In their time with The Center Project, Ember wants to help empower the local queer community to exist safely and comfortably, and to allow themselves to take up space wherever they may be. “We’re here. We’re queer. We will not live in fear.”