Welcome to The Center Project!

TCP is an all-volunteer community center focused on serving the needs of LGBTQIA+ people and communities in Columbia and throughout central Missouri. Located at 805 Fairview Avenue in Columbia’s beautiful First Ward, we are within walking distance of the bus line, downtown, The Loop, all 3 college campuses, and local food & shelter resources. We are proud to work in solidarity with other community organizations to make mid-Missouri better, stronger, and safer for all LGBTQIA+ people.

Our Mission

Our mission at The Center Project is to provide a safe, affirming space to learn, grow, build community, and access support and resources. Historically, our programming has focused on LGBTQIA+ youth, families, and people living in rurl areas: as we grow and expand our services and impact, we are committed to equity, justice, inclusion, and representation in our programming and leadership.

Board of Directors

Christi Kelly, President

Cameron Lee, Vice President

Janet Davis, Secretary

Dion Wisniewski, Treasurer

Paige Smith, Prism

Kerri Schafer, BRITE & Gender Affirming Provider Coordinator

Anthony Lehman-Plogger

Get Involved!

As an all volunteer organization, we are community driven and entirely sustained by people giving, whether of their time and talent as volunteers, by individual giving, or through community partnerships.

Volunteers serve in all kinds of ways: as board members, community educators, program & resource facilitators, in fundraising, on special projects, or even at concession stands during sports ball games. Volunteering at The Center Project is a great way to meet new people, and we’d love to meet you

Check out our volunteer opportunities and let us know what you’d like to get involved in!

Non-Profit Statement

Mid-Missouri Center Project, Inc., D/B/A The Center Project, is a 501(c)3, organized under the Missouri Nonprofit Corporation Act.