The purpose of The Center Project’s Emergency Fund is to provide immediate, short-term financial support to LGBTQIA+ adults and/or dependents in Mid-Missouri experiencing financial insecurity and lack of support in our community.

Many local LGBTQIA+ community members find themselves in a position of hardship, such as income inequality, high rates of under- and unemployment, difficulty securing safe housing, high rates of homelessness among LGBTQIA+ youth as a result of family rejection, disparities in access to healthcare, and more. In instances such as these, there can be an immediate financial need that contributes to a greater need for food, shelter and basic hygiene and personal care supplies. Through the Emergency Fund, these individuals can apply for assistance based on their specific needs. The Emergency Fund is possible thanks to community volunteers and donations.

If you have questions, please contact us at

Emergency Fund Process

  • Individuals can apply online, through a paper application, or in person at The Center Project.
  • Upon receiving the application, the Advisory Committee will review each application against the program guidelines and will respond within 2 business days, depending on the urgency of the request.
  • If approved by a majority vote, the Advisory Committee will determine the amount of aid to be provided and communicate with the applicant.

Emergency Fund Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee has 3-5 voting members from the LGBTQIA+ community and 2 liaison members from the TCP Board of Directors.

Emergency Fund Guidelines:

  • Funding is available for needs in the following categories:
    • Housing
    • Transportation
    • Medical
    • Basic Needs (food/supplies)
    • Other
  • Amounts may vary and will be approved on an individual basis.Receipts may be required to verify how funds are used.
  • Individuals can receive aid from the Emergency Fund a maximum of once per calendar year.

Ways To Donate

You can donate by Venmo or PayPal, or make a donation by cash or check to:

Post Office Box 521
Columbia, MO 65205.

Please make note on your payment or email us at to let us know your donation is for the Emergency Fund. Tax information available on request.

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