Trans Affirming Healthcare: Find A Doctor

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If you are a trans or non-binary mid-Missourian, you can recommend a healthcare provider by filling out this short form.

More About Our Trans Affirming Provider List

This list of trans / gender affirming healthcare providers is a community effort and will continue to evolve in response to feedback and recommendations. The providers on this list were recommended by:

  • Trans and non-binary members of our community
  • Parents of trans or non-binary youth in our community
  • Healthcare providers who had been recommended by community members

At this time, we are not accepting self referrals to the provider list. Healthcare providers are welcome to email us to share trusted referrals.

Training & Consultation for Healthcare Providers

The Center Project offers training and consultation to healthcare providers. Our training team includes trans and non-binary community members and healthcare providers. Learning objectives may include:

  • Creating a more gender-affirming clinic
  • Increasing knowledge about diverse gender narratives and experiences
  • Understanding common challenges to well-being
  • Supporting social and medical transition
  • Understanding the informed consent model and providing assessment / letters of referral for surgical intervention when necessary

We can also connect you with medical providers who offer training and consultation so you can start prescribing gender-affirming hormone therapy.

Interested in a training? Email