Prism is The Center Project’s LGBTQIA+ youth group that provides a safe space, supportive mentorship, and a fun environment for Mid-Missouri queer and trans youth ages 11-18 years old. Prism was founded in 1998 and later came under the umbrella of The Center Project’s programming in 2005. Prism holds weekly meetings where LGBTQIA+ youth have the opportunity to learn about LGBTQIA+ topics and connect with other queer youth. Prism activities and programming include crafts, games, movies, educational discussions about LGBTQIA+ history, safe sex, healthy relationships, self care and mental health, and more.

Prism Coordinators are part of a team that works collaboratively to: plan and co-facilitate bi-weekly meetings and events, promote Prism in the community, connect LGBTQIA+ youth members with resources, assist with administrative tasks, and generally help make Prism a fun, accessible, affirming space for LGBTQIA+ youth to connect and socialize.

Meetings: Meetings are held in person on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month, from 6:00-8pm. Meetings are usually at The Center Project. We also hold occasional outings and special events on weekends (hiking, yoga, art shows, etc.).

Time Commitment: 2 hours per Prism meeting, approx. 1-2 additional hours for planning and administrative tasks per week, and an additional 1 hour per month for monthly coordinator meetings

General Responsibilities:

  • Lead Coordinator(s)
    • Facilitate monthly coordinator meetings which include planning for upcoming Prism meetings and discussing any issues that arise.
    • Communicate with the team of coordinators via a group text or email each week to make sure there are at least 3 coordinators present at meetings.
    • Schedule desired trainings for coordinators (ex: Youth Mental Health, Mandated Reporter).
    • Communicate with parents / guardians who have questions about Prism meetings, while ensuring privacy of teens.
    • Put out a call for new coordinators every year (or when needed) and help interview / train new coordinators.
    • Post on Prism Facebook, Instagram, and Remind App every Monday/Tuesday to share plans for the upcoming Thursdays meetings. Share meeting posts throughout the week to reach a bigger audience (parents on facebook, youth on instagram).
    • Check social media and Prism email frequently to answer questions and direct people to resources.
    • Track / report attendance and general group activities to TCP Board.
  • Shared Coordinator Responsibilities
    • Work with the team of coordinators to plan activities / guest speakers / discussions for meetings.
    • Identify topics of interest to the youth while having a balance of fun, social, informative and educational.
    • Create a welcoming atmosphere for all youth, especially newcomers; lead introductions, encourage discussion and participation, answer questions, direct youth to resources, and review group rules and guidelines with youth.
    • Identify and respond to potential conflict between youth in a supportive way as it arises.
    • Maintain the safety and supportive space for all youth.
    • Plan occasional group activities outside of weekly meetings (twice a year).
  • Community Outreach (OPTIONAL)
    • Promote Prism in the community by attending school resource fairs, and middle and high school GSA meetings.
    • Build relationships with supportive community partners to expand our outreach and ability to provide resources to Prism youth.

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